All-solid-state batteries - storage technology of the future

The increasing need for high-performance energy storage drives the further development of known storage technologies. Particularly with regard to future developments in the field of electromobility, it is important to develop innovative storage solutions that enable higher storage capacities, longer durability and increasing security requirements.

TUMint·Energy Research GmbH is an interdisciplinary and application-oriented research facility located at the research campus of Technical University of Munich (TUM). We work in an international team on the research and development of all-solid-state batteries - the next generation of storage technology.


09.12.2022 - Prof. Dr. Thomas Fässler receives Rudolf Hoppe Lectureship  

For his outstanding achievements in the field of lithium-ion conductors as well as interdisciplinary research, Prof. Dr. Thomas Fässler is honored with the award in honor of Rudolf Hoppe. 
We are delighted to have him join us as part of the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry with a focus on New Materials. 
Congratulations for this award!  


14.03.2022 - Munich Battery Discussions 2022:

We are very excited to be part of the Munich Battery Discussions 2022 to debate current research on all-solid-state batteries! 

In addition to the many exciting discussions with leading experts from around the world, we are especially looking forward to the presentations by Jürgen Janek, Jeff Sakamoto, Jennifer L.M. Rupp, Stefano Passerini, Shirley Meng, Wolfgang Zeier, Wolfgang Wall, Dee Strand, Alex Yu, Martin Winter, Clare Grey, Yang Shao-Horn, Khalil Amine, Brett Lucht, Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Stefan Koller, Florencia Marchini and Rüdiger Daub! (Link).

09.02.2022 - Better batteries through light?

In their latest paper, published January 13 in Nature Materials, our CTO Jennifer Rupp, her colleague Harry L. Tuller, and their joint graduate student Thomas Defferriere of MIT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) worked with their teams to investigate just that. With stunning results! Learn more in the linked press release.

Congratulations to Thomas Defferriere, Jennifer L.M. Rupp, Harry Tuller and their colleagues on these great research findings! (Link).

Get to know us:


We want to contribute to mobility solutions of the future and bundle activities in the field of solid-state battery research at the Garching campus. We work with a strong application focus and together with partners from industry on the development of future battery technologies.


At TUMint·Energy Research we conduct scientific research in the various areas as part of our interdisciplinary research approach, from the development and testing of innovative materials to cell design and the conception of industrial production processes. 


Who we are? We are a young research institution at the Garching research campus of Technical University of Munich (TUM). TUMint·Energy Research was founded in 2019 on the initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).


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