Research Area Material Science

In the Material research area, we are involved in the development of new material classes for use as solid electrolytes and the upscaling of synthesis processes. In addition, we are involved in the production of hybrid materials via electrospinning, the development of novel polymers and the development of wet-chemical production processes for established material classes for use as solid electrolytes, as well as their evaluation and combination with cathode materials.

Participating University Chairs

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry with focus on New Materials

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fässler
Technical University Munich

Prof. Fässler investigates the synthesis, characterization and theoretical description of materials based on inorganic solids and molecular compounds. Starting from substance classes of intermetallic compounds and Zintl phases with soluble Zintl ions, he investigates novel main group element-based materials at the transition from molecular compounds to solids. 

Professorship for Synthesis and Characterization of Innovative Materials

Prof. Dr. Tom Nilges

Technical University Munich

Prof. Nilges works in the field of inorganic solid state synthesis, solid ionic conductors and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. The Nilges group provides the instrumental prerequisites for the targeted synthesis of solid-state ionic conductors and hybrid materials via thermodynamic and kinetic reaction pathways.

Professorship at the Wacker Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry 

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rieger
Technical University Munich

Prof. Rieger's research focuses on homogeneous polymerization catalysis, which makes it possible to specifically control the microstructure of polymers and tailor their macroscopic properties, such as elasticity.