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Our research activities are scientifically accompanied by the participating chairs. To assist us in our scientific activities, we are supported by a scientific executive committee. Together with the management, the strategic course for the scientific orientation of our work is set here.

Prof. Dr.
Jennifer Rupp

Professorship for Chemistry of Solid State Electrolytes, TUM

Prof. Dr.
Hubert Gasteiger
Chair of Technical Electrochemistry, TUM

Prof. Dr.
Thomas Fässler

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry with focus on New Materials, TUM

Jonas Lindner


Jonas Lindner


Christine Albert

Project Lead

Robert Schmidt

Project Lead

Stefanie Scheele

Assistance Procurement, Public Relations

Vera von Rechenberg

Executive Assistant, Accounting, Human Resources

Katarina Zeilinger


Olga Lux


Junior Research Group Leader

Moran Balaish, PhD

Topic: Screening and high-throughput synthesis of lithium-based solid-state electrolytes
E-Mail: Balaish@tumint-energy.de

Research Area M - Materials

Development of novel solid electrolytes

Jingwen Jiang, M.Sc.

Topic: Synthesis and scaling of novel Li-ion conductors
E-Mail: Jiang@tumint-energy.de

David Müller, M.Sc. (assoziiert)

Topic: Isovalent and aliovalent substitution of lithium phosphido tetrelates.

Samuel Merk, M.Sc.

Topic: Synthesis and scaling of novel lithium-ion conducting materials.
E-Mail: Merk@tumint-energy.de

Marina Wittig, M.Sc.

Topic: Synthesis of single-ion conducting polymer electrolytes (SICPE)
E-Mail: Wittig@tumint-energy.de

Philipp Pfändner, M.Sc.

Topic: Polyvinylphosphone-containing solid-state electrolytes - a further development of PEO-based systems
E-Mail: Pfaendner@tumint-energy.de

Hana Gobena, M.Sc.

Topic: Material selection and design of solid state batteries
E-Mail: Gobena@tumint-energy.de

Patrick Rathenow, M.Sc.

Topic: tba
E-Mail: Rathenow@tumint-energy.de

Anna Kirchberger, M.Sc.

Topic: Development of novel solid electrolytes
E-Mail: Kirchberger@tumint-energy.de

Research Area L – Laboratory/Diagnostics

Pouch cell

Robin Schuster, M.Sc.

Topic: Industrializability of solid-state batteries
E-Mail: Schuster@tumint-energy.de

Tobias Kutsch, M.Sc. 

Topic: Development of wet film methods for the production of ASSB cell components
E-Mail: Kutsch@tumint-energy.de

Gioele Conforto, M.Sc. 

Topic: Fabrication and characterization of anode electrodes for solid-state lithium-ion batteries (lithium metal, lithium-free, microcrystalline silicon).
E-Mail: Conforto@tumint-energy.de

Moritz Bohn, M.Sc.

Topic:  Impedance and gassing diagnostics for solid-state electrolyte batteries
E-Mail: Bohn@tumint-energy.de

Thorben Prein

Topic: tba
E-Mail: Prein@tumint-energy.de

Research Area P - Production Processes

Production of large size cells up to 5Ah

Celestine Singer, M.Sc. 

Topic: Layer manufacturing for sulfide-based components for near-industry production of solid-state batteries
E-Mail: Singer@tumint-energy.de

Lovis Wach

Topic: tba
E-Mail: Wach@tumint-energy.de

Basic und Simulation Cluster

Stephan Sinzig, M.Sc.

Topic: Modeling of solid-state batteries with the finite element method
E-Mail: Sinzig@tumint-energy.de

Maximilian Scheller

Topic: tba
E-Mail: Scheller@tumint-energy.de


Usman Khadim 

Lab Engineer
E-Mail: Khadim@tumint-energy.de

Juliane Abel 

Chemistry Lab Assistant
E-Mail: Abel@tumint-energy.de

External employees

Jesse Hinricher, Assoc. 

Topic:  Lithium garnet development and advances for use in next-generation solid-state batteries
E-Mail: jesse.hinricher@tum.de

Jan Meyer, Assoc.

Topic: Structural and electrochemical investigation of phopshide-based electrode materials

E-Mail:  jm.meyer@tum.de